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Protect Your Wooden Deck

Preserve the life of your deck today with a wooden joist protection system from Lounsbury Products LLC of Bainbridge Island, Washington. Our system helps to protect your deck by preventing water from potentially ruining the underlying beams. Each Deck Protector acts as a tiny gutter to redirect the water so it does not sit on fasteners, nails, and floor joists, causing rot and other deck problems.

Eliminate Rot

The narrow spaces between your decking boards retain water and debris, causing rot which will eventually result in costly joist repairs. Simply insert The Deck Protector, made from tough polycarbonate, into these spaces.

The Deck Protector will easily stay in place through wind, rain, snow and the natural movement of your deck. Like a miniature gutter, the Deck Protector covers underlying beams, diverting water away from the fasteners, nails and the wood floor joists.


Deck Protector Guarantee

Invisible Protection

Each Deck Protector is clear and blends in with the finish of your wooden planking, becoming almost invisible. The Deck protector comes in various lengths to cover the support beams of your deck from the standard two-inch Deck Protector to longer, custom-length Deck Protectors for larger or double joists, all the way up to the 48-inch convenience strip.

To determine if our patent-pending product will work on your deck, simply insert a nickel between the boards. If it fits, and the gap is not wider than 5/8 inch, our system will work. Cover every exposed floor joist for best results. Our products are made in the United States.

Using The Deck Protector, along with a quality stain or protective finish and proper cleaning will help you get many enjoyable years from your wooden patio. The deck protector works with natural woods like cedar as well as composite decking materials.

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Protect your deck with with this performance power tool accessory for your home improvements.
Avoid rotten wood and keep your deck maintenance top notch. Contact us today (206) 489-4497 for more info.