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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if All my deck boards are to close together?
A. If all your deck boards are to close together your deck will build up debris in the space between boards. When the deck boards are too close together it doesn’t allow water to drain through or for air to circulate so the deck boards stay wet causing rot and that can lead to structural failure. A simple solution to the problem is to widen the gap between boards to allow water to drain by cutting along the sides of the deck boards.

Lounsbury Products offers the “THE SAW GUIDE” for the Circular Saw ( also know as a skill saw). Get professional results with this innovative attachment. It fits all right and left hand Circular Saws and is easy to install. The Saw Guide makes it easy to make a precise even cut down the length of the board. After setting the blade depth so as not to damage the floor joists lower the saw blade in between the decking and make sure the front and back guide fins are in the groove. Run the saw forward lightly touching one side then check for clearance.

If the space is still too narrow make a second pass on the other side.
You may have to make more passes using the same process for desired spacing.

The Saw guide makes it easy to straighten the ends of mismatched boards. Start with the saw lightly touching the narrow side pushing the saw towards the board that needs trimmed flush.

The Saw Guide makes quick work cleaning out dirt, leaves and pine needles. It only takes a light touch along both sides of a space to clean down to new wood.

Q. What is the Deck protector?

A. "The Deck Protector". It is so small but does so much. This little guy acts like a mini gutter keeping the water away from the wood structure of your deck. If all 30,000,000 wood decks in the United States had the Deck Protector installed - millions of trees could be saved. This is the time -be smart - for less than the cost of a gallon of deck sealer you can protect your deck support structure from water damage.

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Q. Why are Deck Protectors 2 inches long?

A. Standard 2 X 4s are actually 1.5 inches wide this allows a quarter inch overhang on both sides of the joist making sure water drains without wetting the  wood joist.

Q. What if the floor joist are larger or doubled or have a trim board?

A. Many times you'll find large or doubled joists built into your deck. In this case the Convenience Strip can be cut to cover with some overlap to protect that support beam.

Extend the life of your patio deck with this performance power tool accessory for your deck maintenance. Every handyman needs this for their home improvements. Contact us at (206) 489-4497 for more info.